About Us

Treacle is a social prescribing directory to be used by both medical staff and individuals in the community. Very often, when someone feels unwell, the answer can not be found in a medical prescription. Often the answer is more likely to be found in a broader assessment of day to day life where, exercise, a feeling of connection or counselling may be what is needed.

Treacle gathers together information about small local groups, as well as national help and support, into one site, and includes services that are tailored to specific groups like carers, or relate to specific aspects of physical or mental health such as weight loss or mood issues.

Although a personal relationship with a specific GP can be therapeutic, it is also becoming a decreasing reality for many people, and access to good social prescribing information can open up possibilities which can decrease the reliance on the GP, and instead bring about benefits gained from changing different aspects of life. Knowing where to access the information to do this is an important part of the journey, and that is the aim of Treacle.

Treacle has been built for people living in the Worth Valley, however, the platform can easily be populated to benefit any community in the UK. It aims to centralise social prescribing information in an easy to use format, which is simple to navigate and will seamlessly connect the user to the services they need. This site aims to increase self-care, which will in turn, improve the health of the community.

Essentially it is everything to do with health and nothing to do with medicine.