Compassion for Parents and Babies

Compassion for Parents and Babies

New Mill Victoria Road Saltaire West Yorkshire BD18 3LD

The Compassion for Parents and Babies Well-being scheme aims to make locations in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, including cafes, museums and libraries, a place where every parent feels welcome to go to with their baby.

Many women feel nervous about going out in public with their babies and may choose not to, leading to social isolation and impacting negatively on their emotional wellbeing.  Perinatal mental health affects up to 20 per cent of women during pregnancy and in their first year after giving birth.

By signing up to the scheme businesses and organisations can help show they welcome and support new parents by displaying an easily recognisable Compassion for Parents and Babies Well-being sticker.  Organisations will also share information with their staff and volunteers about why taking part is important to support parent-infant wellbeing.

Care Trust staff will offer short training sessions with organisations that are signed up to the scheme to help raise awareness of how they can offer warmth and compassion to parents during the perinatal period, for what can be a challenging time.  Advice and awareness during the training sessions includes:

  • Asking if a mum/dad needs practical help during their time in the building, for example holding the door open to help access or carry drinks to table.
  • Giving someone time and space if needed when ordering food/drink.
  • Genuinely ask if the mum/dad is okay.
  • Sometimes babies communicate by crying – be kind and patient.

The scheme gives businesses and community settings a simple way to support children’s health and help reduce isolation which can be a real challenge for new parents.

Compassion for Parents and Babies is the provider of award winning, high quality mental health, community and learning disability services that look after the ‘whole person’, caring for their physical and mental health needs. We work with individuals, their carers and our partners to ensure that people get the right care, in the right place with the right support.

Our health care services cover all ages, so if you live in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale or Craven you may come into contact with one of our team at some point in your life.

We know that you want your care to be delivered in your own home, or as close to your home as possible and we are committed to providing high quality community care tailored to your needs.


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