Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label


Ditch the Label - As a leading and global youth organisation, we’re here to help young people overcome the issues that affect and hold them back the most. Our core strands of support include bullying, digital wellbeing, mental health, relationships and identity.

Here to help young people aged 12-25 navigate the issues affecting them the most; from mental health and bullying to identity and relationships.

We are Ditch the Label, the global youth charity.

For over 10 years, we’ve been on a mission to help young people overcome the issues that affect them the most. Whether that’s bullying, mental health, relationships, identity or the tough stuff in-between, we’re here. We provide digital safe spaces, direct support, education, campaigns and world-class research.

In the time it takes you to read this, it is estimated that at least 2 young people will have benefited from Ditch the Label support.

We’ve surveyed thousands of youth and analysed millions of conversations to figure out the issues impacting young people the most.

We provide digital safe spaces, direct support and a growing library of self-help resources covering a wide range of topical issues.

We’re using big data and the experiences of young people to develop free curriculum for students worldwide.

Award-winning public awareness and edutainment campaigns to increase awareness and public education.

Our objectives are as follows:

  1. To contribute to the growing body of knowledge and innovation when it comes to young people and bullying, digital wellbeing, mental health, identity and relationships through the use of research.
  2. To provide direct help and support to young people aged 12-25 who are impacted by our core strands of issues, ultimately improving their wellbeing, esteem and health.
  3. To prevent issues such as bullying, hate speech, radicalisation and poor mental health through the use of education in schools and colleges across the United Kingdom.
  4. To positively influence how society thinks and behaves; reducing the rates of issues such as stigma, prejudice, abuse and hate speech.
  5. To share our knowledge and innovation with wider stakeholders; influencing policy and the experiences of young people globally; and to collaborate with other charitable and youth organisations.