Wharfedale Mens Shed

Wharfedale Mens Shed


We meet on a weekly basis to enjoy each others company and to hone our joinery, sewing and tea and coffee making skills - amongst others. We have a wide range of expertise within the group, and we all enjoy nothing better than to help each other with any task they wish to undertake.

We've had commissions to make Bird tables, Bird Boxes, Hedgehog Pods, Christmas decorations, refurbish Santa's Sleigh and build storage for a local Town Hall.

Our aim is to provide a space for people, particularly men over the age of 18 in the Wharfedale area, where they can feel included and valued for who they are, pursue their own projects or pitch in and help with the group commissions.
We are part of the UK Mens Shed Organisation and a UK Registered Charity no 1183609.



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Courthouse Street, Otley
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