Women’s Work

Women’s Work


Women's work provides holistic and intensive support, information and advice to women with varied and complex needs.

Domestic abuse is not only between couples; it can also occur between a parent and child, or another relative. The term domestic abuse covers not only physical violence but psychological and financial abuse. Someone affected by domestic abuse may be restricted in where they go, or what they wear, or be manipulated through threats or humiliation. 

People who have experienced domestic abuse often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) such as flashbacks, hyperarousal (being on high alert all the time) and emotional numbing.

Domestic abuse accounts for 23% of all recorded crime in Derbyshire¹. Of course, this is not the true extent of domestic abuse, with many women too fearful to seek help or being held back in life because they are unaware that they are actually victims of domestic abuse.

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